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Hand wringing post over a Sarah Palin nomination yesterday morning. Really? Trump did this? No the Democratic Party did this. I was annoyed, frustrated and disgusted this spring/summer watching Hillary and Bernie vie for the top position. I just couldn’t understand why they were splitting their party in half rather than just putting a ticket together and taking it for the win. I was/am sick and tired of a broken party who can’t get it right. I examine and researched their positions on a host of issues this summer. They were largely the same with the exception of one or two minor ones like prayer in school or some such non-issue. Doesn’t matter that Hillary came late to some of those issues. She came that’s what mattered.

Flabbergasted. WhyTF aren’t they creating one ticket, I kept asking myself and anyone else who would listen.   Democrats are passionate voters who will NOT get behind the party candidate like Republicans do no matter how many tepid robo calls we got from Bernie last week. I seriously doubt a lot of Marco Rubio fans stayed home on Tuesday just on principle. Michael Moore had it right as usual yesterday. We need to take back the Democratic Party. I don’t know exactly how that could be done though. Me? I rather unregister as a Democratic. I want my vote independent from now on. The party of common sense has to start prevailing at some point in my lifetime and once we stop with this extremism of sound bites and isolated nonsense issues and start tackling real problems then maybe we will get somewhere.

I no longer have respect for a party that HAS to know what happens when you divide it as badly as they did this year. They have to know the ramifications of what acting like two kids fighting over the same toy will do. Their arrogance underestimated the Reality TV show nation we have become with now our very own Donald Duck Dynasty. The Hillary/Bernie fight was just as bad if not worse than the actual election campaign. Sorry folks but there’s enough blame to go around and their arrogance thinking that everyone was going to just swoon over a woman president was just plain bush league. Most women don’t take kindly to very, very smart women, just a fact that the 53% of white women who voted for Trump showed us this week. Men even less so. The machismo factor in this country, and often in the very minorities the Democratic party counts on, is alive and well along with the bible thumping “women as chattel” mindset.

I daresay there were a lot of men who could not pull the lever putting a woman in charge of them. They either stayed home or voted for the non-party candidate or my guess, some even pulled the Trump lever. And the wonderfully evolved, smart, educated, polite, terrific men I know who can’t fathom anyone saying those misogynistic things about a women let alone having a presidential candidate do so simply don’t understand that they are nowhere near the majority. The majority of men find that kind of locker room or bar stool talk no problem. Even some women (at least 53% of white women voters) must have found it charming.

Unfortunately they make no distinction between this being fine maybe IN A LOCKER room or a bar but not on the national stage in a Presidential election. As I told my friend, you are applying your own set of civility rules to Reality TV nation. They don’t apply. They can no longer distinguish between the TV set and the real life .Couple that with a younger generation who listens to music a million times more vile in language that anything Trump said and finds no problem with the words.

Hillary as a career politician was a double-edged sword. People are truly tired of perceived career politicians.  The fact that the more experience you have, the better you can be at something is lost on many I guess.  They don’t understand that the gridlock they so don’t like is often caused by their own party.  But one factor, which I believe did her in, is just plain nuts to me. Again I do not watch the news other than rare bits here and there. This witch-hunt that went on a few weeks before the election was started by our own FBI ? WTF…. And HolyF (as soon as Trump is inaugurated, I can spell out the actual word). Last I checked, Obama’s administration got to appoint the head of that organization and I found out last night that he appointed a Republican to head it as a kind gesture across the aisle. Rookie mistake eight years into his administration? Sorry folks that to me is beyond the pale. Reality TV nation can only deal with what is spoon fed to them in small recent bites. So nothing else am sure resonated with many other than this witch hunt and saying Oops sorry never mind we were wrong at the end of it is akin to printing a retraction on page 45 of a newspaper is a small box- no body reads it or cares. Hell no one even reads it anymore if it was the front-page headline.

I myself didn’t want Hillary as a president because she was woman. If fact I am not a big fan at all other than the amazing work she did for families and children during Bill’s administration.  People so take that for granted today.  I wanted her because she could govern a federal bureaucracy better than the Donald. He is a business man and everyone right now who voted for him is enamored with the fact that as such he will come in on his white horse and slay all the bad bureaucratic dragons standing in the way of jobs for everyone, a no debt and deficit government and chocolate and a bicycle under every Christmas tree. Well if he can get my son to take a job, I’ll vote for him next time. Running a business successfully is not anything like governing a federal bureaucracy. That toupee of his will be flipped many times over in the years to come. He will become so frustrated at the inability to get things done in the timeframe and how he would like because you cannot move inertia ridden fiefdoms just by demanding they do so.   The secret is it’s NOBODY’S money. That’s what I used to say when I worked and saw the mind boggling craziness that went on in my own neck of the federal woods. Busting through a bureaucracy takes a major amount of finesse and horse-trading that only truly seasoned politicians have the stomach for. I know that’s sad but it’s true. If you want a definitive tome on how it actually works read Bill Clinton’s book My Life. But who knows, I could be wrong.

Another Michael Moore suggestion from his morning after to do list- which I did many years ago- is to turn off the TV and stop listening to these moronic newscasters on any of the shows. I watched TV on election night for the first time in years and believe me I am not going back any time soon. I, as I told my hairdresser the other day, will be getting my news as our forefathers did, by word of mouth. I will simply ask people I see for bits of news and then vet it a hundred times over with research.

This election wasn’t lost to the Democrats just because of who voted, but also who didn’t vote. I personally am irritated by the kids on college campuses rioting because it’s not their president. Well kids, that’s not going to get you anywhere. How about you dig out that old High School yearbook of yours and each pick 10 former classmates, track them down, talk to them and register them now for the 2018 mid terms and then annoy them into going right up until it’s time. Voting is not cool for all millennials. I have one. I know. It wasn’t cool for me when I became eligible to vote. My son’s response to not voting was who cares, they are all the same, nothing is going to change so why should I bother. Sound familiar, my fellow 60s kids?? And that was exactly my father’s response to voting my entire life. Your generation, my son told me has fucked things up so bad why should we bother. But he said at least Trump can’t be bought by all the corporations cause he has his own money. I explained a few things to him like see that great health insurance plan that we have? That could be in danger now with Trump in charge. Big light bulb over his head. I am relatively sure he will register in the next election. They are children still despite the fact they look like adults and you have to give them something personal to relate to.

Another task I would like to see those college kids rioting in the streets take on, especially the pre-law kids, is to eliminate the freaking Electoral College. We are no longer 13 states with two people standing around Rhode Island by themselves. Research, mobilize, do what it takes to get a FAIR FIGHT amendment done. That’s what I like to call it because it is NOT a fair election unless EVERY VOTE counts and that goes no matter the outcome. Sorry it just is not. Another item on Mr. Moore’s to do list that needs to start NOW. I myself will be researching this in the coming months cause I truly want to see how it can be done.

More to come on the issues, but first I want to actually research things like Social Security, Health Care, our deficit/debt, immigration, things like that. The real issues. I do not believe ROE V WADE will ever be overturned. It could have been done several times over. Republicans politicians need it just as much as Democrats do. They sleep around just as much. They just don’t get caught usually. The wall?? I don’t think so. We have been talking about building a wall across Mexico since Bush Jr. Who exactly is going to build that wall to keep out the only people left who can actually build that wall? My helicopter mommied, entitled, spoiled ,white American born 19 year old? I don’t think so. If we truly want a wall, perhaps we should start at the northern border to keep Americans in.

I am taking a wait and see attitude with Trump. I for one am not going to see boogiemen at every turn. Not the popular Democratic response today so it’s a good thing I no longer am one. I was a hundred times more scared and freaked about by what Bush’s handlers had in store for us in 2000 and not long after we found out. I have faith that we have a considerable amount of non-crazy in Congress today that can contain the crazy. I have listened to him on the Howard Stern show for decades. The man during this campaign was just not the same guy.  Here’s an interesting statistic I would like to know. How many people voted for Donald but hate Howard Stern? A very respected friend of mine and no Donald fan asked if I had listened to his acceptance speech. She told to me to do so that he sounded like a completely different person. I did. I have my theories as to why. Only time will tell if any of it is correct. I don’t think we are as far apart on the real issues in this country as the idiot talking heads on TV would have us think. I think the manipulation using fear is what keeps the divide going though.  I truly hope there are seasoned and reasoned members of Congress who will hopefully do the right thing in the coming months and years. And if not well there’s always 2018 folks.. But the work starts now.

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