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Thank you for stopping by. I started this online notebook so I can simply have a place to exercise my writing muscle in a more immediate, disciplined way. . This isn’t about social media. We have lots of avenues for that amongst the Twitter, FB etc. I don’t want to write in sound bites. I have been in love with writing since I was a teenager. In High School, I used to write a different essay for each of my girlfriends to turn in if they didn’t necessarily want to do the particular assignment. 

If you read this, I hope you do so calmly and quietly at the beginning of the day with a cup of coffee or at the end of the day with a glass of wine. When we read the paper or a magazine, we read (or at least we used to) without the compunction to fire off a comment or a reply. That WAS my aim here. I have found instead that I welcome and treasure your comments- well at least the good ones.  My goal though is not mass consumption or even a small ripple of consumption. My life is such now that I have to write like I have to breathe and I want a quiet place to do so. So if you are reading this I am honored and I hope you drop by every now and then and rest a bit with me. Take some time for yourself no matter what you do and enjoy a quiet read every day. Thanks for reading!!


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