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Dear Mr. Zuckerberg..

Today I posted the below to my FB page and it set me thinking about you and your FB page set up. Lucky you.  On contemplating the issue of the dumbing down of America which appears to be so front and center at this time in history, I must firmly believe that your FB page set up contributed greatly to this state of affairs.  The fact that you only put a LIKE button to posts and force fed this choice into the conscience of millions and millions of users for years has rendered most of us with the inability to NOT LIKE something. It has become such a horrible thing to say ‘This Sucks’ for the older generation. The youth though has no problem with it yet simply because they ARE youth and don’t really hang on your page anyway.  Why on earth is it considered so impolite, so horrible to simple state what you think about something.  The discernment required to evaluate whether music or art or literature or just the guy talking to you at the moment is a horror show needs to be brought back. It won’t kill us to not be patted on the back for every single thing we do.  There is a centuries old argument between the Romantics and the Greeks and set forth beautifully in Le Misenthrope- yes it’s book and yes you can Kindle the damn thing. The Romantics believed in kindness above truth, the Greek truth above kindness at all times. Well you Mr. Zuckerberg have effectively taken away the choice to be a Greek at all on your FB page.  While this may not seem a huge thing on the surface, it is really.  I personally am sick to death of liking stuff. I just don’t. Plain and simple.  Being nice ALL the time is also overrated. Sometimes it takes more than that to get something done. In any event, I say YOU, Mr. Zuckerberg should personally contribute to the restoration of the ability to discern at least by your FB users. I want a BUNCH of buttons and I want every person who reads a post to have to THINK about what they are reading or looking at (other than cat pictures- just leave that alone please- that would be too much all at once.) So let’s see a LIKE,  REALLY LIKE,  SUCKS,  LOVE IT, REALLY SUCKS,  DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT THE TOPIC,  I NEED TO RESEARCH THIS A BIT and I’M BACK AND I RESEARCHED IT (here then you get a second chance of the above buttons to push) button.  If we are going to now live our lives here at least let’s engage our brains and raise the national IQ above that of a Duck Kardashian Dynasty fan. Thank you for reading and the ability to do so.



RETRACTION: I am no longer interested in pissing off anyone, no matter how much fun it is. My mission should I decide to accept it, between now and November is to analyze some issues, make the arguments and try and bring back a bit of discernment and critical thinking and show how we are NOT as far apart on many issues as the media and Mr. Zuckerberg would like us to believe. I truly believe we can form the party of Common Sense in the future and these ridiculously rigid positions could disappear easily. For starters I have met a cool lady yesterday who owns a T shirt shop and I ordered the one she was wearing: Don’t Believe Everything You Think. Visit her website and FB page, it’s a company called BeSoDoSo.  Because everything in America starts with a great T-shirt. Sandi Behar- get the Rock n Roll is Constitutional one.  You’ve go the arms for it, baby!

Original FB post
Good Morning folks, today’s let’s piss off a Republic post will have to do with actually finding one in this year’s election. Despite Michael Moore’s doomsday prediction, I can’t seem to find anyone to actually say they are voting for The Donald, come on let’s use his old name please. I get a lot of ‘NO WAY I’M VOTING FOR HILARY but no actual I’M VOTING FOR TRUMP AND PROUD OF IT. So either you are voting for him and too embarrassed to say so OR you really have no one else to vote for. Well WRITE MY NAME IN !! There you go problem solved. Now my perspective like those who work UNDER these presidential administrations (I have 8 of them by the way under by belt) is different than the rest of you. We don’t work FOR them remember, we work UNDER them. We are not political appointees. We are career bureaucrats that can tie their silly ass policies up in knots for years if we think they are an idiot and the people they put in charge of us are even bigger idiots. Anyway someday I will write my perspective about all 8 of them. Not today. Today I want to just say thank you to Hilary for letting me stay home part time and take care of my kids when she was president the first time. Come on folks, balls of steel broad with the nicest guy ever for a husband. You do the “who’s in charge here” math. But in all fairness I also want to thank George W for allowing us to keep for our own personal use any frequent flier mileage we accrued on government travel. That was UNHEARD before him. I still have that order somewhere and it was literally one of the first memos we got in January 2001. Needless to say, I put my red pen down and sat quietly for the next four years. I hope both these issues are part of the questions they ask during the presidential debates this fall.

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