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Celebrate Dependence Day

Pre-script: This is a short one, don’t get used to it please.  Just needed to entertain myself and hopefully you as well..

Sitting here in my office with the soundtrack from a firefight in Beirut in the background gives me pause as to just why we have to celebrate only an Independence Day. What about those of us who are independent on steroids everyday and don’t need one day a year to celebrate us, we have all 365.

I say why not have a Dependence Day celebration for us. Give us the day off from ruling the world and allow us to depend on others for a change. We could do things like ask our sort of adult kid to boil us a hot dog or pickup our clothes off the floor. That kind of stuff.   We could ask someone else’s opinion for a change, say maybe a spouse as to what they would like for dinner or where to vacation that year rather than having to think it, executive and drag them by the arm kicking and screaming to it. That could be fun for both of us, don’t you think? Compromise and exchange of ideas for one day only. I think we independents can do that without our head exploding, don’t you?

Let’s try it. Let’s do a Dependence Day for all the over the top independents out there. Let someone else do the heavy thinking for a change. We could just flit around without a care in the world and things like cars and insurance and entire homes to live in could just appear at our feet. I know I would celebrate crazy that day, but of course I will first ask the opinion of ten people how I should celebrate. There you have it!! Happy Independence and Dependence Day!!

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