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This is a test to see if this blog actually works.  After I all I just spent two hours on the phone with this lovely company trying to set up this blog. If this is the easiest one to use, I can’t even imagine the hard ones. As I told the lovely lady Kristen S. at the other end of the chat help line, “I am retarded when it comes to this stuff” And yet she still stayed to help me. I did suggest that WordPress really should allow their customer service reps to take control of the computer like Apple rather than write me copious notes in a box that I then have to translate to actionable items that if I had a clue how to execute I wouldnt have had to chat with them in the first place. Apparently they are not there yet.   In any event here we go.  Yes I have way too much time on my hands and hands on my time as you will see.  For now though off to a PTA Association meeting if I can get Kirsten to stop saying good bye to me in 42 different ways in that damn chat box. OH NO! Did they really just say they are going to send a transcript of the chat box to my email.  And the purpose would be so I can keep for a posterity a record of how clueless I am when it comes to technology? Well there goes another two hours of my life I won’t ever get back..

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